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Ever since his mother died, 11-year-old Michi has lived in a children’s home, fighting every day to win the respect of the other kids. He can hardly believe his luck when one day he accidentally discovers the address of his previously unknown father Tom! Full of joyful anticipation, Michi goes on a quest to find him, only to discover that he is a person of short stature, even shorter than Michi is, the opposite of his idea of manliness and strength.

“At Eye Level” is an unusual father-son story full of humour and drama – and a passionate appeal for accepting those who are different.

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Germany (2016) 99 min. Comedy/Drama/Family.
Language: German with English subtitles

Venue: Labia on Orange, 68 Orange Street, Gardens
Time: Friday, 28th February at 6:15pm

Tickets: R45
Bookings: 021-424 59 27

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